Factors that Affect Your Roof’s Condition

There are a lot of factors that can affect our roof from weather conditions, falling debris, and other elements that can cause your roof to be dirty and build up bacteria, molds, and a lot more.  


This is unhealthy for us especially when it gets mixed in the air that we breathe, it can destroy or damage our roofs in the long run and that can cost us a lot of money. Roofing St. Louis provides different kinds of services at an affordable price. 


That is why it is really important that we are aware of different conditions that can affect our roof and maintain it regularly below are some factors that can affect our roof.  

  1. Heavy Rainfall – when we experience heavy rainfall in our roof it can cause bacteria, molds, fungi, and other harmful organisms especially when we leave our roofs full of leaving it will absorb water can cause it to rot, spread, and damage your roof.  


It is important that we are aware of the coming weathers and always check our roofs condition in that way we can be protected and we can avoid future damages in our roof.  

 2. Excessive Shade – when we have a lot of trees covering our roof it will be hard for liquid or moisture to dry out that is why it is important that if we have trees we make sure that our pipes, drainage, and gutters are clean so that there will be a good flow of water.  

 3. Falling Debris – it is important that we take care of our roofs and also our trees if we have trees we need to maintain it because that can cause damage in our roof in case heavy branches will fall it can remove your shingles and a lot more.  


Leaves can also cause clogs and collect a heavy amount of water that your roof might not handle that is why it is important we always inspect not only our roof but also our trees and make sure to keep it clean and trimmed.  

 4. Snow – during winter we cannot help it but snow would really land on our roofs what is important is that when winter is almost over we make sure water will flow and evaporate quickly so that our roofs won’t get damaged.  

 5. Other Factors – there are a lot of other factors that can damage our roof that is why it is important that we don’t take our roof for granted. 


We always need to check for signs of even small damages in that way we can call pros to help us check if we need to repair or replace that fixing a small problem earlier can prevent bigger damages. 


That is why from time to time we need to check on our roofs. We need to take care of our roofs the way it takes good care of us. The way it protects us from any harm so we can save money and live safely.