Five (5) Basic Yoga Poses

For the longest time, you’ve been looking at that yoga mat you bought months ago with this question- when will I start yoga? We totally understand this pause towards wellness. The exercise itself can look very intimidating. Fret not, go forward with your wellness goals because yoga also offers simple postures for beginners like you.  It’s so simple and strenuous-free that even kids can join you. Below are five (5) yoga poses you can do to get you started.  

  • Tadasana- This is the mountain pose. It is considered to be the foundation of technically all poses in doing yoga. This pose targets the improvement and strength of your posture and your core.  

How to do Tadasana?  

  1. Stand with feet together (heels apart). 
  1. Rest arms at the side. 
  1. Hold it up to 10 seconds.  


  • Vrikshasana- This is the tree pose. It targets improvement of balance, clarity of mind, 

and strength of the back and also leg.  

How to do Vrikshasana? 

  1. Start the balancing act by standing on one leg. 
  1. Bring the other foot up to the ankle or thigh. 
  1. Raise your arms and bring palms together. 


  • Virabhadrasana II- This is the warrior II pose. This pose targets the improvement of 

lower body strength. This includes: groin; hips; and legs. 

How to do  Virabhadrasana II? 

  1. Stand with feet (wide apart). 
  1. Forward your right leg and create a 90-degree angle. 
  1. Point toes of left foot. 


  • Utkatasana- This is the chair pose. It is regarded as a powerful pose. It targets improvement of leg and arm muscles.  

How to do Utkatasana? 

  1. Bend the knees slowly (like you’re sitting).   
  2. Straighten your back . 
  3. Keep hands parallel to ground. 
  • Trikonasana- This is the triangle pose.  It stretches the body parts: calves; ankles; hamstrings; and thighs.  

How to do Trikonasana? 

  1. Stretch foot to form 90-degree angle (do this while locking left leg close to torso) 
  2. Raise arm and slowly stretch to left side (keep waist straight). 


We understand perfectly well that you do have health goals. But bear in mind that we all have different tracks to traverse in order to achieve our own goals. Others can continue with their complicated poses. But as for you, start first with these simple yoga poses. Being mindful where to start is parallel to being conscious of your own fitness level and condition. Pair this action by consulting a professional trainer before you make this as your routine. This might be a safe and meditative activity for all ages and genders, but it is highly encouraged of you to seek professional help first to avoid any potential risk. All the more you should seek help when you’re suffering from health issues like severe bone disorder and uncontrolled blood pressure. The poses and stretches might not be suitable for your ailment. It will never be an authentic yoga experience if you still push it, even if you’re already suffering from the excruciating pains from all those stretching and posing.    


Yoga has an inherent goal of improving emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Use it well to develop, not harm yourself. Arming yourself with the simple poses plus doing a consultation with a licensed physician are good starters for your wellness journey.

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